Zoph 0.9.13 released

15 Jul 2020 by jeroen

I have not yet managed to get back to my planned 6 week interval between releases, but at least it hasn't been a year since the last release. This release adds a few new features and fixes a few bugs. For the feature changes, I have also refactored the code somewhat to modernize Zoph's code and besided that, many more lines of code are now covered by unittests, which should have a positive impact on Zoph's stability.

Zoph can now use external authentication by using REMOTE_USER authentication, this can be used to build a single signon system, where a front end performs the authentication and Zoph trusts the external authenication and logs the user in without presenting the logon screen. Obviously, this feature is off by default and you should only turn it on if you are aware of the consequences and trust the third party authenticator. This feature was requested to enable integration into FreedomBox.

Anyone who has photos in their Zoph database with more than just a handful of people on it, knew that Zoph was limited on this point. This release enables you to specify rows of people on a photo and a much improved way to edit the order of people on a photo. This should make organizing photos with lots of people on it much easier.

Finally, I updated leaflet and mapbox, which are used to display maps in Zoph to the most recent version.

The new version can be dowloaded from the releases page on gitlab.