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Zoph 0.9.6 released

Zoph 0.9.6 is a bugfix release.

Zoph 0.9.5 released

A new release is available for download

Zoph 0.9.4 released

Due to holidays a little later than the planned 10 week release interval, but nevertheless I'm proud to present the next release…

Zoph 0.9.3 released

Much faster than you might have expected, I have released v0.9.3. Zoph 0.9.3 includes, among others, a new logon screen, more gr…

Zoph 0.9.2 released

Zoph 0.9.1 released

Zoph released

The first mainenance release for Zoph 0.9 has been released.

Zoph on Github

I have moved development from Sourceforge to Github

Alleged security issues in Zoph 0.9

Some sites are reporting security issues in Zoph. None of them exist.

Zoph 0.9 released

The latest stable version of Zoph is available to download
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