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Zoph Organizes Photos

Zoph 0.9.3 released

jeroen Friday, June 10th, 2016 by jeroen

Much faster than you might have expected, I have released v0.9.3. The previous release took over 2 years to create and I decided to change the way I work on Zoph a little bit. I used to create a long list of changes I would like to incorporate in Zoph and finish all of them before releasing. I now work with a time schedule of about two months and finish whatever I can in that time frame, then take about 2 weeks for some extra quality control and release after that. This should result in a release interval of about 10 weeks.

Zoph 0.9.3 is the new stable release. It is recommended for everyone to upgrade to this release
Despite the relative short period of time since the previous release, quite a number of changes have been made to Zoph:


  • Issue #72 Zoph now has a new logon screen. The logon screen has background photos. Two of them are already included in Zoph. You can place your own backgrounds in templates/default/images/backgrounds. Or, you can (on the config screen) define an album from which the images will be used as background images. Zoph will display a random image as background.
  • Issue #76 The logon screen now gives a message about the username and/or password being wrong instead of just returning to the same screen
  • Issue #75 Zoph now uses PHP's password hashing algorithm instead of MySQL's. This includes a random 'salt' added to each password. This will make it much, much harder to decrypt your passwords, if your database would ever fall into the wrong hands. The old hashes will be updated with the new ones as soon the the user logs in. Zoph will continue to support the old password hashes at least until v0.9.5.
  • Issue #26 It is now possible to define the cookie expirement time. In previous versions of Zoph, a user would be logged out when closing the browser. Is now possible to extend the time to 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. This means a user will not need to re-login for that period of time, even when the browser is closed in the mean time. This can be very convenient, but it could mean that a user leaves Zoph logged in on a public PC. Therefore, the default is still 'session', which means a user will be logged out when closing the browser.
  • It is now possible to give a user "can see all photos" access rights. This means you can give a user access to all photos, without giving him/her admin rights and without having to update user rights whenever an album is added.
  • Issue #22 It is now possible to allow a user to create albums, categories, people, circles and places. The user automatically has access rights to place photos in the albums, categories, people, circles and places he or she has created.
  • Issue #21 It is now possible to allow a user to delete photos. The user will have to have "write" access to at least one album a photo is in.


  • Issue #73 Fixed sharing feature
  • Issue #74 Fixed Canadian English, Dutch and German translation files

For a full overview of the changes see the changelog.

Zoph 0.9.3 can be downloaded from Github.