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Zoph 0.9.4 released

jeroen Sunday, September 18th, 2016 by jeroen

Due to holidays a little later than the planned 10 week release interval, but nevertheless I'm proud to present the next release of Zoph: v0.9.4.
Zoph 0.9.4 is the new stable release. It is recommended for everyone to upgrade to this release.

Several changes have been made in this release, the most notable include:

Unfortunately, I had to drop support for Yahoo and Cloudmade for mapping because their mapping service is no longer available for the public. I have also removed Openlayers mapping, because the implementation Zoph uses (Mapstraction) is no longer maintained and didn't work correctly anymore. For now, this leaves only Google Maps. In the next version, Mapstraction will be replaced by - as it currently looks - Leaflet.

When using the Geocoding feature, Zoph now also searches Wikipedia.

I have cleaned out Zoph's CSS and added some small changes here and there to give it a slightly modernized look:

Several new colour schemes have been added:

Did you know you can easily modify the colour schemes yourself? As of this version it's even easier, because now you can simply select the colours from a palette, instead of typing the HTML-codes.

As of this version, it is possible to configure Zoph in such a way that whenever a new subalbum is added to an existing album, the new album automatically inherits the access rights. For some Zoph users this could prevent a lot of work. This is configurable per album.

Also, the admin user can configure a set of default prefences that will automatically be applied to new Zoph users, this could also be a time-safer!

Finally, it is now possible to have Zoph move the physical files into a predefined "Trash" folder when deleting them from Zoph.

A lot more changes have been made, please see the download page on Github for a full changelog.