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Zoph 0.9.6 released

jeroen Friday, April 14th, 2017 by jeroen

Zoph 0.9.6 is a release that contains mostly bugfixes.

Shortly after the release I received several reports about SQL-errors I could not reproduce on my system. After investigating, it turned out to be a change in MySQL 5.7.4 that caused troubles, not only for Zoph, but many other Open Source projects had similar issues. Since the change had only been made in Oracle's MySQL and not in the MariaDB fork, that I am using. It took quite some effort to locate all the places in Zoph that were violating MySQL's "new rules" and to fix the problems. @Raysir has been an invaluable help in testing the changes and pointing out more problems that needed fixes. Since Zoph was not the only project facing these problems, MySQL has reverted most of the changes in question as of MySQL 5.7.8. Since the changes were actually improvements notwithstanding the fact that they are not really needed anymore, I am not reverting them.

@Pontusfroding has found and fixed several other bugs. Big thanks to him for that!

Because of the time it took to fix the bugs,I decided against releasing an interim bugfix release, but just release this in the normal release schedule. Of course this means that the changed originally planned for 0.9.6 have now shifted to 0.9.7.