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Zoph Organizes Photos

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What to do if Zoph is not working the way you want or expect?


The first place to look in case things go wrong, is the documentation wikibook. The documentation is also included in the docs directory of the Zoph tarball.

Debug & Troubleshooting

You could try turning on Zoph's debug mode. See the documentation wikibook on how to do this.

Also, check your php.ini for the configurations display_errors and error_reporting. PHP may not be showing error messages to you, setting them to

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE 
display_errors = On

will ensure that you will see PHP's error messages.

The CLI tool zoph will tell you more about what it's doing if you add the --verbose commandline option.

In some cases it may help to simplify the issue, for example if fails, with 4 lines of commandline options, you could try if it still fails if you leave some options out.


If the documentation is not helping to resolve your issue, you could search the Zoph Forum or post a message if the solution is not already there.

If you are posting a message, try to include as much relevant information as possible, such as:


If you suspect that your problem is caused by a bug, check if it is a known bug. You can find the bug reports via If you have found a new bug, please create a bug report. If it is a security bug, please mark it as private. Please report only one bug per bug report, if you have two separate issues, please report them separately.

In the bug report, include any relevant information, see for some examples, the paragraph about the forum above.

Feature Requests

If you are missing a feature in Zoph, please create a feature request on


You can also send me a mail, on jeroen @ the name of this application .org.

Please keep in mind that if you are reporting a bug, that I will have to copy your information into the Zoph bug report, you will save me time by creating the bug report for me, while typing a bug report will cost you about as much time as typing an e-mail.

If you have another question, keep in mind that if you post it on the forum other people can benefit from it as well.