Add a location to your photos

The third way to organize your photos in Zoph is by recording where the photo was taken. You can do that in two ways: the first is to assign geographic coordinates to the photo and the second is to assign a photo to a place. Obviously, you can only assign a photo to one place, you can, however, assign a photo to a place and give coordinates. You could do so, for example, to give a 'rough', but easy searchable location, such as a city, and indicate the more precise location through coordinates.

Just as albums and categories, places can be placed inside another place, creating a hierarchical tree, so you could for example create a hierarchy Country » Province » City. The depth of the hierarchy is unlimited.

Zoph has support for mapping, this is done through Leaflet, which allows you to choose between the maps provided by Google Maps and Open Street Maps and even switch between them.

Zoph has support for geocoding via GeoNames, that will help you to quickly find the coordinates of a place by name.

Finally, Zoph can even import .gpx files to quickly geotag your photos based on a GPS trail you've made with your phone or another GPS-tracking device.