Who can see your photos?

You may not want to show all your photos to everyone. Zoph can give you granular control over what people see and what not, you can do this on a per-album or even per-photo basis. If a user has no access to something, he or she will simply not see it, no "Access denied" errors! For example if your mother has no access to any of the photos in the "Swedish bikini models" category, she will not see the category at all.

Maybe you want to show your photos but do not want them to be able to use them without your permission. In that case you automatically add a watermark to the full-size photos. Of course this is done without modifying the original picture.

To give other people access to your photos, you create a user account for them, on this user account you set what this user is allowed to see, for example if the user is allowed to browse through the list of people in the photos or whether or not the user is allowed to leave comments or rate photos.

Once you have created user accounts, you can add them to a group and can give the group access to albums. In case you want even more granular control over what people can see, you can assign each photo a level. When giving access to an album, you can also set the maximum level the group is allowed to see, and when a photo should be watermarked.

Because you may not want to create a user account for everyone, you can also define a "default user", this user is automatically logged on to Zoph if someone visits the site. Any photo that this user is allowed to see, can be seen without logging on.