Zoph has moved

08 Dec 2022 by jeroen

The repository for Zoph is now under it's own project, this means that the URLs for Zoph change. I moved Zoph to Gitlab about four years ago and have been using their Free plan ever since. However, Gitlab offered me their Ultimate plan for free and I have taken that offer. This will allow me to use more of their automation, which until now, I've mostly used to publish this site. One of the requirements for the free plan is that the project is hosted under it's own project and I have moved Zoph to that new project. If you go to the old project site, you will be automatically redirected to the new one.

If you are using git, you will need to update your repository url: git remote set-url origin git@gitlab.com:zoph-project/zoph.git

Also, any links to the Zoph gitlab project need to be updated to zoph-project.