Zoph 1.0 released

17 Dec 2022 by jeroen

Twenty years ago today, Jason Geiger checked in the first version of Zoph into CVS. Zoph has come a long way since, but it never reached v1.0. Until today. I proudly present, Zoph v1.0.

The Zoph project is even older, Jason started working on it in 2000. It was written in PHP3 and over the years it followed the transition to PHP4, PHP5, PHP7 and most recently PHP8. It's probably one of the few projects that has existed for such a long time and is still maintained.

Compared to the release candidate, that was released a week ago, only a small bug was fixed.

The full changelog can be found in the changelog. You can download Zoph from the Gitlab site.

Zoph Docker images are available from Docker Hub and Gitlab.

Screenshot from a very early version of Zoph

Screenshot from Zoph v1.0